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The first step to writing a book is “getting started.” 

Many times you just need the guidance of a professional to give you structure and inspiration.
Do you had a STORY or BOOK idea that just WILL NOT leave you? Do you FEEL compelled to make a difference in the world with your knowledge, experience and message? Do you know HOW MANY people sit on these thoughts without bringing them to fruition? We help YOU get out of your head and into the hearts and lives of the people YOU were meant to impact. 
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Meet the Publishing Team
Dynamic trio builds a publishing division that is producing more than 10 books per month! 

Gabi Garrett

Gabi is an award-winning journalist who has been published over 200 times, including high-level publications like Entrepreneur, USA Today and Yahoo Finance. Gabi serves as the Media Director and "Voice" of Micheal Burt Enterprises and has been trusted to write some of the largest self-help memoirs of Monster Producers to date. You can rest assured Gabi will pull out the best story from you and keep the process light, fun and effective.

Coach Micheal Burt

Coach Micheal Burt is a 17x author who advocates for people to share their story and message with the world. He says, "Your book is your platform that gets you in front of others. Everyone has a message they should share." Coach Burt wrote his first book in his mid twenties and has gone on to write 16 others books that have made tremendous impact in the mentality, drive, intensity and intentionality in which entrepreneurs and business owners approach life and success. He believes in the whole person theory and advocates for balance in life in the mind, body, heart and spirit of the individual. He believes that everyone needs a Coach in life and that a good coach will take you places you could never have gone on your own. He has created his Monster Publishing division to provide a platform for his network to disseminate their unique talents and message into the world.

Andy Garrison

Andy knows first-hand how to create books that move people and build a business. His first two books are responsible for seven figures a year in recurring revenue, and he continues to help other authors become their own "author-ity." 

When it comes time to create your book, Andy will ensure you're targeting the right content with the right audience in the right way so you become invaluable to your market. He leverages a proven and repeatable process that helps you produce and launch your book for maximum impact and reach. 

Publishing Packages


  • Outlining strategy of the book 
  • Packaging of content & Voice memo ghostwriting (Up to 7 chapters) - best for sourcing previously recorded content, like online courses, podcasts & YouTube Channels
  • ​Uploading, cover design, and Amazon strategy as well as launch guidance 


  • Outlining strategy of the book 
  • Biweekly Publishing Calls
  • ​Ghostwritten book
  • Intensive Launch support + Marketing guidance 
  • Uploading, cover design, and Amazon strategy + Best Seller status

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