Flip The Switch Bootcamp 

With Coach Burt

Find your VOICE, build the TOUGHNESS you need to WIN, and find THE ACTIVATOR of your PREY DRIVE

* This two day event will be coached by 
Coach Micheal Burt himself

Main Event

September 30th-October 1st

THE LODGE | Christiana, TN

A TWO day INTENSE EXPERIENCE with 50 high potential people through a coaching bootcamp that will change your life forever 

Coach Micheal Burt, America’s Coach will enhance your skills, equip you with the mental and emotional attitude to win at the highest levels and give you his best tools for winning at the highest levels 

This camp will PUSH every button you have

When you INVEST in this bootcamp with Coach Burt you will come back a MONSTER and MUCH better than when you came. There will be breakdowns and breakthroughs, moments of revelation and conviction, strategies and tactics, and the best of Coach Burt’s mindset over 28 years of coaching the top players. Expect CLARITY, VISION, and MOTIVATION to tackle your LIFE in a NEW and ENHANCED manner.


  • How to start a day to play offense vs. defense
  • How to train, execute on ideas, and create time
  • How to SHOW UP with BATTERIES included
  • ​How to attack the day like a PRO vs. an AMATEUR
  • ​How to be “success ready” and see and seize new opportunity by understanding RISK 
  • ​How to speak in front of a group, articulate your value, and master communication
  • ​How to work the selling system to drive leads like crazy
  • How to FOLLOW up and build a follow up system on ALL opportunity
  • How to CLOSE deals with key closes
  • How to EXTRACT referrals from your current book of business
  • ​How to BOUNCE back when you’ve been knocked down with “5 rules of a crisis”
  • ​How to take coaching and criticism to elevate
  • ​How to become a “Person of Interest” that doesn't whine, complain, or make excuses
  • ​How to MAKE MONEY and convert that money to MILLIONS in new REVENUE
  • ​How to be a TEAM PLAYER and understand the unit

TWO days with America's Coach getting skilled and maturing into a Person Of Interest


  • Coaching Sessions: 9:00-4:00 p.m. CST (Register at 8:15 a.m. CST)
  • ​Coaching sessions will go every 45 minutes with a break
  • ​Lunch provided at 11:30-12:30 
  • ​Private breakout sessions with Coach Burt and small groups
  • ​Special VIP guests who have been coached by Coach Burt
  • ​Wear comfortable clothes as you could be doing exercises inside/outside
  • ​PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE VIP DINNER with Coach Burt and 10 participants ($500 add on)


  • Coaching Session Day #2: 9:00-12:00 p.m. CST (Arrive by 8:30 a.m. CST)
  • ​Coaching sessions will go every 45 minutes
  • ​Private coaching sessions with Coach Burt and small groups
  • ​Exercises to complete 
  • ​Special surprises and opportunities for future growth


Learn the DYNAMICS needed to play at a HIGHER FREQUENCY

Learn the MINDSET of TOP performers

Learn the STRATEGIES Coach Burt is teaching his $100 million producers

Learn how you can “activate and re-activate” your PREY DRIVE daily 

Learn to “FLIP the SWITCH” inside of you

So INVEST NOW and spend TWO days with one of the hottest coaches in the country 

investment level :


($5,000 Value)



We Supply You With The Talent That is ready to be a stone cold killing machine

(seats are strictly limited to 50 people- secure yours today)

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