Coach Burt and Ricky Carruth Partner To Solve Your Follow Up Problems

Full day events held in Naples, FL and Atlanta, GA

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What's Included?

One full day with America’s Coach Micheal Burt and Zero to Diamond Agent Ricky Carruth in either:

 Naples, FL on July 13, 2020  8:30am-2:00pm 
New Hope Event Center
7675 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL 34104

 Atlanta, GA on July 20, 2020  8:30am-2:00pm
Venue TBA
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

See What These Amazing People Are Saying About Their Coaching

“Got Listing In The First Week”

"WEEK 1 Results- Only been following Ricky Carruth’s circle prospecting system for a week. I set 4 listing appointments already. Conducted the first one this morning and got the listing. 3 to go."

Dustin White- New Door Real Estate Jonesboro, Arkansas

“Proven Techniques”

"Ricky's coaching has helped me get really focused on how to plan my days and do work that will keep a full pipeline of business. I am not chasing shiny objects and throwing money at buying leads and high cost coaching."

Phyllis Turpen- EXP Realty, Nashville, TN

"Coach Burt Was Instrumental"

"My initial goal was to generate $60 million of mortgage production when I began the Monster Producer coaching program. Coach Burt was instrumental in helping me drive over $147 million and becoming #19 in the country." 

Carey Ann Cyr, CMG Financial

"Delivered a 43% Increase"

“We hired Coach Burt to drive the largest increase in retail sales and he DELIVERED a 43% increase in a one year cycle. The results and feedback from our staff were so strong we hired him 8 straight years. No one gets results better than Coach Burt!”

 -Wib Evans, CAO, FirstBank

Coach Micheal Burt

World Authority On Activating Your Prey Drive

Coach Micheal Burt consistently helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals increase their annual revenue by up to 40% in a one-year cycle. He makes sales, leadership, and business growth easy to understand and inspires immediate action with a simple process. He delivers content in a dynamic and intense manner that challenges the participants in a way that only a championship coach can. How valuable is a person with incredible potential but lacks drive and adequate knowledge? A good coach cultivates all four parts of a person’s nature by activating their body, mind, heart, and spirit. No one is better at developing the "whole person" than Coach Micheal Burt.

What Is Million Dollar Follow Up?

A Powerful 7 Touch System to Get People Off The Fence

This system has big concepts that will forever change how you see the follow up and teach you how to challenge prospects, get people off the fence, and close more deals.

In this book, Coach Micheal Burt tackles:
  • The purpose of the follow up
  • How to follow up in a way that creates action
  • How to drive new money with disciplined follow up
  • ​How to create an offensive attack on sales
  • ​A system of seven great touches to challenge the prospect in new ways

Ricky Carruth

#1 Re/Max Agent In Alabama

Ricky Carruth is the first completely free real estate coach in the industry and is on his way to becoming the top influencer in real estate. Still selling at the highest level, Ricky has started a movement to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry one agent at a time through sharing the same principles he learned through the market crash in the late 2000's, that eventually helped him become the #1 RE/MAX agent in Alabama multiple times... 
A real estate trainer who teaches a low-pressure approach? Here at Zero to Diamond, Ricky Carruth is the only coach available. He teaches you that everything in real estate is a win-win, closings are happening everyday and losing deals are just part of the game. Ricky’s real estate training consists of creating and maintaining life-long relationships with property owners who own the type of property you want to sell. With the best phone scripts designed to develop relationships instead of just going after the sale, you will reap much more business in the long run. Ricky built his 7-figure real estate business using the Zero to Diamond system that he created and wants to share it with the world in hopes that he does his part to help the success rate in the industry. Real estate coaching is in his blood, and it shows through the 1000’s of agents across the globe who stand by him. It’s like he was born to coach realtors. Ricky’s techniques are second to none. His incredible mix of social media and farming using today’s technology has taken the industry by storm.
P.S. In case you were just skimming, for $49 you get a ticket to one full day with America’s Coach Micheal Burt and Zero to Diamond Agent Ricky Carruth in either Naples, FL or Atlanta, GA, the Million Dollar Follow Up Ebook, The Million Dollar Follow Up Audio MP3, and the 4 Hour Video Series on Coach Burt Breaking Down The Million Dollar Follow Up System.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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